The opening evening of the double-exhibition “Teil 18. Die Welt gibt es nicht!” and “Teil 33. Nachlass zur Lebzeiten” by Michael Müller at Galerie Thomas Schulte merged different worlds and their associated modes of experience and perception: To begin with, one moved casually between the performers and the space as a visitor of a classical exhibition. The performers carried out recurring patterns of movements between the installed works, not only physically measuring the exhibition space but also forging relationships with the objects. These exercises, carried out simultaneously in different locations, were gradually interrupted by the clicking of camera shutters, which announced the beginning of the fashion show and gathered the scattered focal points to suddenly coalesce into a runway. 24 looks, created in collaboration with the Berlinbased designer Valdimir Karaleev, were presented by 12 performers as a collection entitled “Garten der Freundschaft”, and thereby initiated a repurposing of the front exhibition space. Disregarding the surrounding art objects and accompanied by an icy rattling blanket of sound, the performers, now acting as models, made their way into the imposing glass corner space of the gallery and stepped onto a mirrored pedestal. There, two performers took on the role of salespeople, aiding the models in disrobing the multiple layers of their outfits in public so that they could return to the runway nude and (since Marina Abramović and Ulay) in the manner of the stereotypically displayed body of the performer. Successively, this ceremony of exposure and transformation created a comprehensive display of clothed mannequins, clothes hangers, display cabinets, and shelves in the windows, completing the setting of a concept store.




"Garten Der Freundschaft" at Galerie Thomas Schulte